Data API Help




Query method Parameters
  1. Choose format type
  2. Date Range - Amount of time back (integer and character) or timeframe (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) to gather data
  3. Select Category Type or Sensor ID(s)
  4. Click Submit to get data

Direct URL



  • /dataAPI/retrievedata.php?format=cvs&bytype=category&cid=1&bydate=back&timeunits=31d
  • /dataAPI/retrievedata.php?format=xml&bytype=sensor&sids[]=100&bydate=back&timeunits=2w
  • /dataAPI/retrievedata.php?format=json&bytype=sensor&sids[]=100&sids[]=101&bydate=range&tstart=2016-01-28 20:01:00&tend=2016-05-30 20:01:00
parameter type default description
format string tsv Specify the output format.
  • format=tsv
  • format=csv
  • format=xml
  • format=html
  • format=json
bydate string back

Choose a way to limit the data by date

  • Number of timeunits back to gather data
  • Requires 'timeunits=' param
  • Limit data between two dates
  • Requires both start & end dates with 'tstart=' & 'tend=' params

  • timeunits
integer & char 1d

Limit amount of time to include before the current time

Requires 'bydate=back' param

The prefix integer is the amount and the following character is the unit of time (days, weeks, months, years)


  • timeunits=3 d data from the last three days
  • timeunits=2weeks data from the last two weeks

  • tstart
  • tend
date-time null Limit to data on or after the specified start time and on or before the specified end time.

Requires 'bydate=range' param

tstart=yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm&tend=yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm

sortasc boolean false

Order results by date.

  • sortasc=0 False: Most recent date on top
  • sortasc=1 True: Earliest data on top
bytype string null Select the how to identify records. The allowed values are:
  • bytype=category

    Use the category ID to get data over multiple sensors. Set with 'cid=' param.

  • bytype=sensor

    Use to select a single sensor. Set with 'sids[]=' param.

  • cid
integer null

Select the specific category ID.

Requires 'bytype=category' param

  • sids[]
integer null

Select sensor ID(s) to collect data.

Requires 'bytype=sensor' param

rate boolean false Include ratings for sensor with an accompanying rating table.
  • rate=0 False: Do not include rated values
  • rate=1 True: Add column with rated values
precip boolean false

Include period rainfal for precipitation sensors.

Requires 'precipstep=' param

  • precip=0 False: Do not change precipitation values
  • precip=1 True: Change preciptiation values to show data over period
  • precipstep
string 1h

Total rainfall over for every period

The prefix integer is the amount and the following character is the unit of time (days, weeks, months, years)

Requires 'precip=' param


  • precipstep=1days data from the last day
  • precipstep=6m data from the last six months

  • eventime
boolean 0

Show pecipitation steps to the nearest hour.

The prefix integer is the amount and the following character is the unit of time (days, weeks, months, years)

  • eventime=0 False: Set precipitation steps to the earliest and latest times
  • eventime=1 True: Change preciptiation values to show data over period

Examples: when pulling data at 4:37pm with a precipstep of 12 hours

  • eventime=1 precip time grouped by either 05:00pm or 05:00am
  • eventime=0 precip time grouped by either 12:00am or 12:00pm

List of Sensors By Category

Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
1445Guadalupe River at Alamitos Fish Ladder- Low Flow Only37.246852874756-121.869926452641
1450Upper Penitencia Creek below Mabury- Low Flow Only37.371725-121.8614921
1451Mabury Diversion- Low Flow Only001
1456Hale Creek below Magdalena Ct- High Flow Only37.358940124512-122.099807739261
1459Permanente Creek at Rancho San Antonio - High Flow Only37.332955-122.0883371
1460Adobe Creek at Middlefield- High Flow Only-Out of Service37.422370910645-122.110519409181
1463Thompson Creek at Quimby Rd.- High Flow Only37.32362-121.8078791
1467West Little Llagas Creek at Edmundson Ave- High Flow Only37.111588-121.6440731
1477Calabazas Creek at Wilcox School - High Flow Only37.365283966064-121.987106323241
1479Alm-Cal Cnl at Flume001
1484Lower Silver Creek at San Antonio Rd-High Flow Only001
1485Canoas Creek at Almaden Exp.- Stage Only37.288520812988-121.881164550781
1486Haskins Soil Moisture Probe101
1487Alm-Cal Cnl Bertram (Alarm Only)001
1489Upper Penitencia Creek at Piedmont Rd37.390598297119-121.842979431151
1490Los Gatos Creek below Lexington Reservoir37.218933105469-121.985244750981
1491Upper Silver Creek at Yerba Buena- High Flow Only37.295749664307-121.807861328121
1492Los Gatos Creek at Lark Ave001
1494Los Gatos Creek at Lincoln Ave001
1498Coyote Creek at Madrone37.168483734131-121.649520874021
1502Lower Silver Creek at Ocala Ave- (Gage removed)001
1504Guadalupe at Tasman (Gage Removed)001
1506Guadalupe River at Montague Expwy- Stage Only37.395332336426-121.940193176271
1523West Permanente Creek below Deer Farm- High Flow Only37.331944-122.0994441
1525Uvas at Luchessa (Flows over 50 cfs)36.992496490479-121.573501586911
1531Guadalupe River at Gold St- Stage Only37.422370910645-121.975944519041
1532Stevens Creek above Hwy 85 near Central Ave37.395177-122.068941
1533Guadalupe River at Hwy 101- Stage Only001
1534Guadalupe at Trimble001
1537Matadero at Waverly001
1538U. Penitencia at Dorel- Radar-High Flow Only001
1540Calabazas Creek at Rainbow Drive- High Flow Only37.300708770752-122.026702880861
1542Guadalupe Creek below Guadalupe Reservoir001
1544Alamitos Creek below Almaden Reservoir37.168605804443-121.828292846681
1546Calero Creek below Calero Reservoir37.186122894287-121.793075561521
1547El Camino Stormdrain- Stage Only37.368602752686-121.9969253541
1548Upper Penitencia Creek at Dorel Dr- Low Flow Only37.395233154297-121.828147888181
1549Permanente Creek at Berry Ave- High Flow Only37.361498-122.0868911
1550Masson Fish Ladder- Low Flow Only37.233254-121.8989431
1878San Franciscuito Ck. nr. Stanford - USGS001
2050San Tomas Creek above Williams Rd37.30655670166-121.964103698731
2054Los Gatos Creek below Kirk Dam- Low Flow Only001
2056Coyote Creek at E. William- High Flow Only37.336986541748-121.868286132811
2058Ross Creek at Cherry Ave37.263134002686-121.886772155761
2060Coyote Creek at Hwy 237- Stage Only001
2062Coyote Creek at Edenvale37.270919799805-121.797668457031
2076Coyote Inflow-USGS-Out001
2086Llagas Creek at Southside Dr- Stage Only001
5007Coyote Creek at Coyote Ranch Road (Low Flow Only)37.218009-121.7405611
5010Fisher Creek at Monterey Rd.37.222461-121.7464941
5012Coyote Creek bl Coyote Reservoir(USGS)37.12306-121.55171
5013Calero Creek below Calero Reservoir37.186122894287-121.793075561521
5015Almaden-Calero Canal at Almaden Reservoir37.166572-121.8277791
5017Guadalupe Creek below Guadalupe Reservoir37.199615478516-121.881607055661
5018Golf Creek at McAbee Rd37.220824-121.8765081
5022Canoas Creek at Dow Drive-High Flow Only37.280269-121.8689811
5023Guadalupe River above Almaden Expressway37.280822-121.8798491
5025Saratoga Creek at Pruneridge - High Flow Only37.331051-121.9888471
5043Guadalupe Creek off Hicks Rd.37.217531-121.9104441
5044Stevens Creek below Stevens Creek Reservoir37.306155-122.0732381
5045Stevens Ck. above Stevens Creek Reservoir - High Flow Partial Inflow37.27952-122.07371
5048Alamitos Creek above Almaden Reservoir-Partial Inflow37.157705-121.843521
5050Los Gatos Creek at Lincoln Ave37.312451-121.9044891
5052Uvas Ck at Heritage Way-Spillway and/or Outlet flows above 200 cfs37.053803-121.6620641
5058Coyote Creek at Edenvale37.270964-121.7977221
5059Los Gatos Creek at Lark Ave37.251832-121.96451
5061Uvas Creek at Uvas Rd.-Partial Inflow37.102278-121.7244731
5062Los Gatos Ck. above Lexington Reservoir-High Flow Only37.167849-121.9806041
5063Lower Silver Creek at San Antonio Rd-High Flow Only37.360103-121.8648361
5064Berryessa Creek at Calaveras Blvd-High Flow Only37.432994-121.8922621
5067Los Gatos Creek below Lexington Reservoir37.218933-121.9852451
5069Llagas Creek below Chesbro Reservoir37.114472-121.6910491
5070Alamitos Creek at Graystone37.222492-121.8507691
5074Sunnyvale East Channel above Hwy 101 - High Flow Only37.394555-122.0103731
5077Coyote Ck above Coyote Reservoir - USGS37.07778-121.493331
5078Bodfish Creek at Whitehurst Rd37.004339-121.6671831
5080Llagas Creek above Chesbro Reservoir37.148441-121.7681851
5082Coyote Creek at Madrone37.168517-121.6495151
5084Uvas Creek below Uvas Res. (Outlet flows only)37.064916-121.6884781
5085Llagas Creek at Southside Dr. - USGS36.9875-121.526121
5086Uvas Ck Abv W. Luchessa Ave - High Flow Only-Calibrated over 50 cfs36.992517-121.5735131
5088Guadalupe River at Alamitos Fish Ladder-Low Flow Only37.246852-121.8699261
5089Coyote Ck below Coyote Perc. Pond-Low Flow Only37.234861-121.7608021
5090Coyote Ck Pond Elevation37.23487-121.760491
5096Saratoga Creek at Saratoga - USGS37.25443-122.0395751
5097Coyote Creek at Hwy 237 - USGS37.42222-121.926381
5100Lower Penitencia Creek at Machado Ave - High Flow Only37.422065-121.9068521
5101Matadero Creek at Lambert Ave-High Flow Only37.421634-122.1354541
5109Guadalupe River at Highway 101 - USGS37.373564-121.9331881
5112San Francisquito Ck at Stanford Univ - USGS37.42334-122.188331
5114Masson Fish Ladder- Low Flow Only37.233254-121.8989431
5118East Little Llagas at Church Ave-High Flow Only37.073284-121.5849971
5119Los Gatos Creek bl Kirk Dam-Low Flow Only37.261793-121.9543241
5122San Tomas at Mission Ave. - High Flow Only37.388889-121.9686111
5125Adobe Creek at Foothill College-High Flow Only37.358125-122.1282271
5127Coyote Creek at Berryessa-Stage Only37.368054-121.8809511
5135Adobe Creek bl El Camino Real-High Flow Only37.408392-122.1176541
5136Berryessa Creek at Cropley Ave - High Flow Only37.416468-121.8557171
7040Palo Alto Flood Basin-Stage Only37.455647-122.1011451
15060Coyote at 237 --- USGS001
150100Coyote Creek abv Coyote Reservoir37.077777777777776-121.493333333333331
150120Coyote Creek bl Coyote Reservoir37.12306-121.55171
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
1453City of San Jose (6131)37.349563598633-121.904380798342
1454Maryknoll Fields (6144)37.332221984863-122.080833435062
1457Trappers Trail (6142)37.34611129760742-122.180831909179692
1461Edmundson Ave (6143)37.111392974854-121.644142150882
1465Canada de los Osos (6145)37.037498474121-121.420829772952
1471Westwind Community Barn (6147)37.365799-122.159182
1500Rancho San Antonio Park (6140)37.33000183105469-122.118057250976562
1503Morgan Hill RF 136002
1508Castro Valley (6015)36.958431243896484-121.604705810546882
1509Valley Christian (6077)37.239463806152-122.070114135742
1510Stevens Creek (6100)37.28751754760742-122.07873535156252
1511West Yard (6108)37.30821990966797-121.994377136230472
1512Mount Hamilton (6067)37.34865188598633-121.630142211914062
1513Calero Watershed (6128)37.16970443725586-121.75742340087892
1514Curtner Ranch (6023)37.467124938964844-121.877624511718752
1515Mountain View (6121)37.394256591796875-122.059707641601562
1516Evergreen (6132)37.29868698120117-121.757041931152342
1517Biel Ranch (6008)37.46715545654297-121.530876159667972
1518Shanti Ashrama (6098)37.308494567871094-121.471496582031252
1519Coit Ranch (6018)37.15058898925781-121.419624328613282
1521Sunnyvale WTP (6048)37.355289459229-122.059364318852
1524Rinconada WTP (6079)37.255252838134766-121.982597351074222
1526Guadalupe (6123)37.1899299621582-121.891975402832032
1527Vasona Pump (6125)37.258674621582-121.959892272952
1528West Little Llagas (6139)37.135669708252-121.671585083012
1529Church Ave Perc Ponds (6134)37.06863021850586-121.597099304199222
1530Uvas Canyon County Park (6135)37.0847282409668-121.792182922363282
1551Palm Ave (6141)37.171112060546875-121.727500915527342
1868San Bruno Mt (San Mateo)002
1876Huddart Park (SMC)37.439716339111-122.288909912112
1880Los Trancos (SMC, 6146)37.326511383057-122.180641174322
1884Saratoga Gap002
1885San Mateo002
1889Windy Hill (JPA) 614837.35799407959-122.239906311042
1890Wunderlich (JPA) 614937.357994-122.239906311042
2053Guadalupe Slough (6016)37.45333480835-122.032058715822
2057Uvas Reservoir (6104)37.06549835205078-121.68881988525392
2065Alamitos (6001)37.247108459472656-121.870643615722662
2066Johnson Ranch (6036)37.220951080322266-121.931190490722662
2067U.T.C (6102)37.23379135131836-121.690513610839842
2068Banjo Point (6138)37.195983886719-121.984779357912
2069Haskins Ranch (6034)37.39568328857422-121.765296936035162
2070Penitencia WTP (6099)37.39820098876953-121.835159301757812
2071Cow Ridge (6127)37.2689208984375-121.613166809082032
2072Loma Prieta (6044)37.11088180541992-121.844276428222662
2073Leroy Anderson Dam (6041)37.1645622253418-121.626968383789062
2075Coyote Reservoir (6021)37.11514663696289-121.55031585693362
2079Coe Park (6017)37.18645477294922-121.546295166015622
2080Almaden (6004)37.15724182128906-121.844429016113282
2081Mount Umunhum (6069)37.158260345459-121.906417846682
2099Palo Alto (6129)37.455562591552734-122.100601196289062
20001Pulgas Raingauge (CDEC)37.475-122.2982
20002La Honda Raingauge (CDEC)37.3053-122.25392
20003Las Cumbres Raingauge (CDEC)37.208-122.0632
20004Schuliies Road Raingauge (CDEC)37.133-121.9672
20005Burrell Station (CDEC)37.133-121.9672
20006Ormsby Road Raingauge (CDEC)37.0669-121.8242
20007Mt Hamilton Raingauge (CDEC)002
20008Diablo Canyon Raingauge (CDEC)37.329-121.3022
20009Poverty Raingauge (CDEC)37.443056-121.7705562
Water Temperature
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
1452Penitencia Creek Water Temperature-0010
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
5134Masson Pipeline Flowmeter-Local and/or Imported flows37.234786-121.89570313
7010Bear Creek at Sand Hill Rd (JPA - High Flow)37.40993-122.2417813
7020Los Trancos at Arastradero Rd (JPA - High Flow)37.38312-122.1929513
7030Searsville Lake Outflow (JPA - High Flow)37.40721-122.2379313
15010Coyote Creek abv Coyote Reservoir37.077777777777776-121.4933333333333313
15012Coyote Creek bl Coyote Reservoir37.12306-121.551713
15077Coyote Ck ab Coyote Reservoir - USGS0013
15085Llagas Creek at Southside Dr. - USGS0013
15096Saratoga Creek at Big Basin Way (USGS)0013
15097Coyote Creek at Hwy 237 - USGS0013
15101Matadero Ck at Palo Alto - USGS0013
15109Guadalupe River at Highway 101 - USGS0013
15112San Francisquito Ck at Stanford Univ - USGS0013
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
1464Stevens Creek Reservoir0020
1468Vasona Reservoir37.2469984063-121.96586832320
1470Chesbro Reservoir37.1166945208-121.69327994120
1472Uvas Reservoir37.0643350317-121.6922004120
1480Anderson Reservoir37.1648293935-121.62632821420
2074Coyote Reservoir37.1193390685-121.54954459720
2090Almaden Reservoir0020
2092Guadalupe Reservoir37.199047-121.87927620
2094Calero Reservoir0020
4001Almaden Reservoir37.164598-121.82813320
4002Anderson Reservoir37.1648293935-121.62632821420
4003Calero Reservoir37.183065-121.7927620
4004Chesbro Reservoir37.1166945208-121.69327994120
4005Coyote Reservoir37.1193390685-121.54954459720
4006Guadalupe Reservoir37.199047-121.87927620
4007Lexington Reservoir37.2014664631-121.9889036120
4009Stevens Creek Reservoir37.298746-122.07683320
4010Uvas Reservoir37.064333-121.69220920
4011Vasona Reservoir37.2469984063-121.96586832320